• January 28, 2022


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Minister for Communications and Hon.Sam George involved in a social media spat over AirtelTigo Deal

In April of this year, the government of Ghana (GoG), through the minister of Communication and Digitization, announced that they had purchased 100 percent shares of AirtelTigo. This follows the announcements by Bharti Airtel and Millicom International Cellular SA that they would exit the Ghanaian market in 2021. Ghanaians have expressed their opinions on the […]

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GOOD NEWS: Google is bringing “iMessage” to your Android phone

Google has announced that its version of ‘iMessage’ will be available on Android smartphones. ‘Chats,’ as Google calls it, will be the app that does the magic on Android phones. The company stated that they will not create a separate app for this purpose, but will instead use the “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services” […]

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Introducing Apple’s cheapest gadget ever:Apple AirTag

Apple in their Springfield event a couple of days ago announced their new lost item finder called AirTag. AirTag is a small tracking device that can be attached to important items such as keys, wallets, phones, or even your bag. This device will pinpoint the exact location of your items in the event that you […]

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Instagram exploring new tools to remove racist and other abusive messages from your DM

Instagram announced today in a blog that it is bringing new tools to help combat the threat of racism, harassment, and other abuses on its platform. The Facebook-owned company has faced numerous criticisms in recent months, particularly from the football world, after football players were subjected to various racial abuse on the social network. “We […]

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The new Google Earth Timelapse feature allows you to travel back up to four decades in time

Google is collaborating with NASA, the US Geological Survey’s Landsat program, and the European Union’s Copernicus program to launch a new Google Earth feature called TimeLapse, which will allow you to view climate change over four decades.  Google intends to launch this update on Thursday 22nd April 2021. To create this amazing Time-lapse experience, Google claims […]

Instagram kids Tech Hub Top Story

Halt Instagram for Kids plans: Child Advocacy group to Facebook

During the course of the year, Facebook announced plans to launch a kids version of Instagram for young people under the age of 13, but public health organizations and child advocacy groups around the world have appealed to Facebook to cease these plans. The group led by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) expressed their displeasure in […]

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FIFA says Yes to Ghana Football Association(GFA) VAR project team

FIFA, the international governing body of football, has given green light to an eleve-member team to implement VAR technology in Ghana. With the successful implementation of this technology, Ghana will join an elite group of African countries that have successfully implemented VAR. South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt, to name a few. According to GFA, “The decision was announced during a meeting held on Monday, April 12, 2021, on modalities for the implementation of VAR in Ghana. In the meeting, the FIFA technical team approved a project for Ghana, which is the second key step in the implementation process of the FIFA approved […]

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Google Maps will let you draw new or missing roads

Have you ever been stranded due to a wrong or missing road on Google Maps? In their new map editing feature, Google Maps promises a better map experience by allowing you to draw missing roads directly on the map. Google believes that this new feature will improve service coverage in areas where Google’s data sources […]

Twitter chooses Ghana for their Africa Hub Tech Hub Top Story

Twitter chooses Ghana for their Africa Hub

Twitter Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey announced in a tweet that the company will be bringing Twitter to Africa. Indeed, the company intends to hire people from the continent and desires to open its first office on African soil here in Ghana. Twitter follows the footsteps of Google and Spotify, to establish a presence in Ghana. […]

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Google faces $5 billion lawsuit for spying on users in private mode

Google will face a $5 billion action lawsuit after they failed to dismiss the lawsuit, which claims that Google secretly gathers information from its users while they are browsing using their private “Incognito” mode on the internet. Incognito mode, as Google refers to it, is a private browsing mode in Google Chrome that allows users […]

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