• March 25, 2023


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Technology threatens local car washing businesses

There is growing apprehension among car washing operators in the country with the introduction of automated car washing joints. The fate of operators of the once-booming industry seems to be hanging in the balance as many of their customers are now drifting towards the automated washing space instead of the traditional practice. A taxi driver […]

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America’s best-selling vehicle could have a billion-dollar fuel economy problem

The Ford F-150, part of the F-Series family of models that has ruled America’s sales chart for decades, is the target of a $1.2 billion lawsuit filed by owners of 2018 and 2019 models who argue they’re paying too much for gasoline. Plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit in a Michigan court accusing Ford of falsifying […]

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BMW, Tencent to open computing center in China for self-driving cars

German automaker BMW and Chinese online gaming giant Tencent Holdings are teaming up to launch a computing center in China that will help develop self-driving cars in the world’s biggest auto market, the companies said on Friday. The computing center, which will start operations by the end of the year, will provide cars with data-crunching […]

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Ford unveils its latest pickup truck built for a smartphone

Ford’s F-Series line of pickup trucks has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for decades, which should make the automaker an expert of sorts in the truck-building business. Ford unveiled Wednesday the latest addition to its pickup truck portfolio. This particular one isn’t meant for driving. The automaker created a pickup truck emoji, which is […]

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US Army to test robotic combat vehicles in 2020

The US military is about to try using robotic vehicles in a more aggressive fashion — the Army will start testing robotic combat vehicles in 2020. Soldiers in two modified Bradley Fighting Vehicles (Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrators, or MET-Ds) will remote control four crewless M113-derived prototypes to gauge how well the system works in real life. […]

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Ford recalls 58,000 Focus cars for a fault it failed to fix in earlier recall

In October 2018, Ford recalled 1.5 million select Ford Focus cars to sort out an issue that could have led to an engine stall and an inability to restart the vehicle — an issue that the automaker said could “increase the risk of a crash.” This week it emerged that just over 58,000 of the […]

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Electric cars are about to become a bit noisier in the EU

If you’re out cycling or taking a stroll and a two-ton chunk of metal is approaching from behind, you really want to know about it. The problem is that many electric vehicles, as well as hybrids, move along almost silently at low speed, giving cyclists, pedestrians, and the visually impaired almost no notice of their […]

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7 out of 10 cars listed for sale in Ghana have been in an accident

The Founder of Lockvin Limited has observed that 7 out of 10 cars listed for sale in Ghana have been in an accident. Mr. Kofi Agyapong says for many years, a lot of Ghanaians have been buying used cars at garages and roadside without knowing exactly what state the car was in when it was […]

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Nigeria’s on-demand motorcycle taxi app secures Series A funding

Gokada, a Lagos-based on-demand motorcycle taxi app, has secured a Series A funding of $5.3 million. Led by Rise Capital with participation from Adventure Capital, First MidWest Group, IC Global Partners and several local investors, Gokada will deploy its investment to expand its driver fleet, increase daily rides by 10 fold and acquire local tech […]

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Mercedes-Benz wants a carbon-neutral car fleet by 2039

Carbon dioxide is on every automaker’s mind. Some have announced their intentions to make specific plants carbon-neutral in an effort to reduce the emissions required to build vehicles, but Mercedez-Benz’s newly announced plans take that a step further, aiming for complete carbon neutrality of its vehicle fleet in 20 years’ time. Mercedes-Benz on Monday unveiled […]

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