• March 25, 2023


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Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse now in UAE

SteelSeries, has announced that its new Sensei Ten gaming mouse with groud-breaking TrueMove Pro sensor is now available in the UAE through their regional distributor TechXhub. The Sensei Ten mouse carries upgrades including the esports-ready sensor, and TrueMove Pro. We’ve devoted our engineering expertise to bringing that original shape and feel back to gamers. Our […]

Business Gadgets Top Story

Samsung Projects Over 5 Million sale of QLED TVs in 2019

Samsung Electronics Co. is set to make a quantum leap in sales of its flagship premium lineup QLED televisions this year, thanks to growing consumer appetite for high-quality screen products, the firm’s TV business head has said. Han Jong-hee, president of Samsung’s visual display business, said the company is expected to solidify its leading market […]

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3D baggage scanners could end liquid restrictions

The UK government has advised all major UK airports advised to introduce 3D baggage screening equipment before the end of 2022. Ministers say the technology will boost security, speed up pre-boarding checks, and could end the restrictions on travelling with liquids and laptops. The equipment, similar to CT scanners used in hospitals, is already being […]

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No plans for streaming-only console – Xbox Chief

The head of Xbox and gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, has confirmed the company has not made plans to introduce a streaming-only console. Rumours in recent times have however suggested that Microsoft’s next-generation Project Scarlett console would ship with both a high-end version, and a “cloud console” with limited amounts of local compute for things […]

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Canon launches new instant camera printers

Canon has recently announced the release of two instant camera printers, the Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C, in the Middle East. The new product range of all-in-one instant camera printers is pocket-sized and aim to encourage creativity with easy to print, peel-and-stick photos on the go. Amine Djouahra, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager […]

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Wedding photographer rant against shots ruined by guest’s smartphone

It has become a normal practice to see wedding photographers and newly wedded couples complain about their photos being ruined by guests. Although with respect to couples, it’s typically after the wedding when they see how many of their friends and relatives have ruined the paid photographer’s shots by standing in the way with their […]

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Is The Ghana Police Service Ready For 21st Century Policing?

At this point, if you asked the average Ghanaian about how they feel about the police, it’s very likely the response will be negative. Stories in the mainstream news don’t always paint Ghana Police in the best light. Stories from extortion of money, intimidation and sometimes incompetence seem to shadow the Ghana Police force whenever […]

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Samsung sued over water-resistant phone claims

Samsung is being sued by Australia’s consumer watchdog for allegedly making misleading claims about the water-resistant properties of its phones. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Samsung’s adverts made “false” claims about using its phones while swimming and surfing. The ACCC said it had reviewed more than 300 Samsung adverts before launching its […]

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6 phones with the best battery life

From 5G and folding displays to pop-up cameras and in-screen fingerprint scanner, this year has been a dynamic time for phones. But whether or not these technological trends are here to stay, one feature always ranks at the top of the must-have list: a long battery life.  Now that we’ve reached the middle of 2019, […]

Gadgets Top Story

How to stop your smartphone from heating

The internal temperature of a smartphone is mostly proportional to the temperature of the smartphone’s environment. Some applications and the camera may fail when the smartphone reaches extreme temperatures First, you need to understand that all smartphones are heated at certain times. This has to do both with the ambient temperature and with the internal […]

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