• January 28, 2021


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US government to help develop Ghana’s IT & security capacities

The United States through its embassy in Ghana is focused on helping Ghana develop its IT and security capacities. The U.S Ambassador to Ghana, Stephanie S. Sullivian made this known during the embassy’s commemoration of 50 years after its spaceflight landed first two men on the moon. The Embassy’s celebration focused on developing Ghana’s technological […]

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Invest in renewable energy — Annoh-Dompreh

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Mr Frank Annoh-Dompreh, has called for increased investment in renewable energy to complement existing sources of energy to meet the country’s energy demands. He said shortfalls in the fuel supply to thermal plants indicated that the country could not continue to rely on the increasing cost […]

Science Top Story

Two Earth-like worlds that could support life found hiding near our solar system

Two previously undiscovered Earth-like planets have been hiding in a solar system neighbouring ours, according to scientists. Their sun, known as “Teegarden’s star”, is only 12.5 light years from us. It is also one of the smallest and dimmest known stars – making it, and the planets that it supports, very difficult to spot. Because it […]

Business Science Top Story

Two-day Sci-Tech Fair ends with a call to promote young innovators

The 3rd edition of the Sci-Tech Fair organised by Primetime Limited, producers of the 2019 National Science & Maths Quiz (NSMQ), has ended at the University of Ghana with a call to promote young innovators to solve problems with homemade solutions. The two-day event saw a number of participants drawn from both Junior High and […]

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NASA says international space station tourist will have strict training requirements

The International Space Station (ISS) will soon begin accepting space tourists. But not just anyone will be allowed on board — there will be a strict set of training requirements for potential astronauts, NASA told Digital Trends. “NASA will work with commercial companies to identify minimum training requirements with safety as a top priority,” Gary […]

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Medical drone delivery service to be launched on April 24

Fly Zipline Ghana will on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 officially launch its drone delivery service in the country. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is expected to launch the initiative at Zipline’s first distribution center at Omenako, a town in the Suhum municipality in the Eastern Region. Prior to the official launch on Wednesday, Zipline will […]

General News Science

Russian Bank creates AI to do data scientists’ job

Russia’s Sberbank claims to have created an algorithm – Auto ML (machine learning) – that “acts like a data scientist”, creating its own models that can solve application tasks. The bank carried out its first pilot in January, using Auto ML algos to create several baseline models to help with the targeting of sales campaigns. […]

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Ministry of Communications inaugurates Automatic Weather Stations for the (GMET).

The Ministry of Communications has inaugurated 10 Automatic Weather Stations for the Ghana Meteorological services (GMET). The project has equipped 10 weather stations with advanced equipment that can collect data 24/7 for efficient meteorological reporting. Speaking at the inauguration in Tema on Friday, Director General of the GMET, Dr. Michael Mawuko Tanu indicated that over […]

IoT Science Top Story

University of Surrey develops New AI to detect urinary tract infections

The University of Surrey has developed a New AI to identify and help reduce urinary tract infections (UTI). Scientists from the University’s Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) detailed how they used a technique called Non-negative Matrix Factorisation to find hidden clues of possible UTI cases. They then used novel machine learning algorithms […]


Computer Forensics and Information Security: What are the differences?

Overview The wide adoption of information technology and social media platforms is leading to increasing complex cybercrime, including corporate espionage, cyberwarfare, information warfare and sextortion. Newer means of communications technologies such as social networking has also promoted cybercrime acts. The mass production of handheld devices and smart devices had made computing easier. However, these devices […]