• June 25, 2022

Five amazing tips and tricks that come with the iOS 14

Apple rolls out operating system updates for its devices (iPhone, iWatch, iPad) every year, every year there is a new iOS version and this comes with some cool bug fixes, maintenance, and new versions of doing things on their new upgrade. Most importantly, Apple stays true to bringing out every year amazing capabilities and features that make their iOS stand tall among its rival OS like the Android, Windows (discontinued), and other OS.

The latest update improves much on the touch and feel features and also bug fixes which were causing crashes and the battery drain with the iOS 13. The iOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020. In a statement by apple on iOS 14, Apple said, “iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever”. Those new features added joins a list of already impressive capabilities that apple brought to its mobile devices with the release of iOS 14 in September.

Here are five amazing tips and tricks you should know in IOS 14.

  1. App library

    Apple has finally changed its experience of the home screen for iOS 14. Apple introduced iOS 14 to give users a very intuitive home screen. With this, you can find the home screen user-friendly and also not get lost with finding your favorite apps. The new App library feature groups all apps into various folders created automatically. Categories including recently used, sports, news, etc. are some of the powerful features of the app library. Because of this, you can remove several pages on the home screen to have a very simple but sophisticated home screen. It also comes with a search bar that can help you quickly identify apps that are arranged in the app library. The app library can be found on your right swipe to the home screen

  2. Widgets

    Widgets have been with iOS devices for many years, it has been available to you only on the today screen (the screen to your left swipe from your home screen). iOS 14 has redesigned these widgets to be more beautiful and data-rich, thus, you can have more information and new sizes that fit your needs. Also, from iOS 14, widgets are not only limited to the today screen but also widgets can be used in the home screen for a much beautiful interface of your screen. iOS 14 widgets also support casting multiple widgets into one. This is also known as a “smart stack” for widgets.Five amazing tips and tricks with iOS 14

  3. Picture-in-Picture

    The picture-in-picture (PiP) mode was on the iPad devices only. But apple found the need to introduce it in the iOS 14 for their iPhone devices. The Picture in Picture mode is just a way to get you doing the things you love on your iPhone alongside watching your videos or movies. In simple, you can be texting on Messenger or WhatsApp and still be watching your videos simultaneously. Interesting isn’t it. You can start Picture-in-Picture mode by playing a video or movie, then heading back to the home screen, the video will continue playing in a minimized window in your home screen, you can then go ahead to select a different app you want to work with simultaneously. Some apps like YouTube don’t support PiP mode. You can see the apps that support PiP in the settings. Settings >General > Picture in Picture. Read more on Picture in the picture to get a better idea of itFive tips and tricks with iOS 14

  4. App Clips

    Apple has introduced App clips in the iOS 14. App clips are small parts of apps without having to download, install, and sign in to a big app to do one simple thing. This feature is very useful because you wouldn’t have to download and configure a full-sized app.Five tips and bticks with iOS 14

  5. Translate

    The iOS 14 debuted a new first-party app called Translate. It is apples own version of the popular google translate app. With this app, you can select two languages tap on the microphone button, and record, the app will translate it into the other langue you prefer. You can also download many language libraries so you can work offline.

What are you still waiting for, download and install the iOS 14 to enjoy all these amazing features? Click here if you don’t know how to download and install the iOS 14.

Don’t forget to leave all your questions in the comment box. Tech Hub Gh Team.

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