• June 25, 2022

Ghanaian Students make paper from plantain and banana stalk

Methodist Girls SHS Plantain Paper bags

A team of 24 Methodist Senior High School Girls have succeeded in making paper out of plantain and banana stalks.

The team has since started a series of business pitches at all vantage points to raise funds to support commercial production of paper bags from their discovery.

As such a representation of the girls visited the Hacklab Foundation, to pitch their idea.

The pitch featured their business development and financial analysis.

In an Interview on Citi Breakfast early on, the girls stated that their idea was born out of a search for an alternative to plastic bags, which have become a menace in the country.

In the process, they found that paper is made out of fibre , which is highly available in plantain and banana stalk.

Methodist Girls SHS
The Team of 24 girls

Plantain and banana stalk are also biodegradable and a cheaper alternative as they are easily accessible in Ghana.

The team has plans to produce 5 million paper bags by December 2019.

By Teiko Daitey


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