• June 25, 2022

How to Pin a Screen in an Android Smartphone

Security is very essential in our everyday life, every day we need to find ways to keep our devices safe from various attacks. One of the easiest, yet most effective forms of attack is social engineering attacks which are carried out easily because human nature is so susceptible to these attacks. An example is giving your phone password to a friend to watch a picture, giving your colleague your email logins to send a mail for you, etc. This makes your device vulnerable to an attack.

Now if you had a colleague who wanted to borrow your phone to use YouTube, your gallery or even wants to use the browser for google search, and you don’t want them exploring other apps or you don’t want your kid to be messing with your WhatsApp but only watch the video you are playing for them. You can use the Pin Screen feature to keep other apps safe from social engineering attacks. This way other persons cannot navigate other parts of your phone and they are locked away from all other features of the phone. This works in all Android 8.1 devices upwards.

The steps below are how to pin a Screen in Android;

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.

    how to pin a screen

  2. In settings tap on Security and lock screen or security and location based on your device manufacturer preferences

    how to pin a screen

  3. Then Tap on other security settings.

  4. Scroll down and select Pin windows to activate it.

  5. In the Pin windows area, select ask for password before unpinning.

  6. After activating it, Tap the recent key to show the list of apps you can apply the Pin to.

  7. You’ll see a Pin on each of the apps in the recent list, select one to pin.

  8. Tap start to start pinning.

  9. Now, your colleague can have access to only the app selected on the phone screen.

  10. After they are done, Unpin the app by holding the recent and back buttons at the same time and enter your password.

    how to pin a screen in android smartphone

You can also watch the video below


Whether you are giving your phone to a colleague or a stranger, use this screen pinning technique to protect yourself and your phone.

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