• January 28, 2021

Korle-Bu Sets Up New Laboratory With Digital Analyser

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in partnership with Mindray Medical Ltd has opened a new laboratory with a digital analyser to enhance investigations and diagnostics.

The analyser, known as the Mindray SAL 6000, is a digital equipment made to undertake general chemistry, hormones or immunoassay such as special proteins, cardiac and lipid panel, diabetes panel and aneamia panel investigations.

The analyser can also investigate thyroid and infectious diseases.

The machine can attend to 400 laboratory investigations at a time and produce reports within an hour.

According to a press release, Chief Executive of the Hospital, Dr. Daniel Asare said the equipment was to help avert the situation where patients have to go outside the Hospital for laboratory investigations.

“The Hospital will now become a one-stop-shop and patients and their relatives will no longer have to be roaming about looking for a place to do labs”

An official from Mindray, Wang Lei, noted that they had successfully installed the Mindray SAL 6000 at some hospitals in Kenya, US, China, among others.

He was hopeful that Korle-Bu will benefit greatly from the Mindray SAL 6000 as the other locations are doing.

About the Partnership

According to Dr. Daniel Asare, Korel-Bu is going to run the equipment for four years while Mindray supplies the reagents needed for investigations. Korle-Bu will also provide some office space within its premises for the staff from Mindray as both parties will be maintaining the equipment together.

The project was said to have been carried out at no monetary cost to the hospital in a bid to ease the financial burden on the government.

Mindray however hopes to be able to train more ghanaian laboratory technicians to man the equipment.

By Teiko Daitey (MyBeepOnline)


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