• June 25, 2022

Students ecstatic about Beyond Ashesi 4 program

Students from various departments at Ashesi University have expressed gratitude about “Beyond Ashesi 4 Program,” which was held on Monday to encourage them to think beyond the box.

The event which was organized by the internal training unit of the Ashesi Design-Lab, saw about nine students pitch their projects to an audience of over fifty students in attendance.

The areas covered by the various pitches included music, arts, film making, mathematics, engineering, aerospace engineering and aeronautics.

The audience was fed with historical background of a subject matter, alongside the present state, and the future projection of what to expect.

One of the most amazing projections that excited students was in relation to aeronautics where there is the anticipation that in some years to come, there would be airplanes that would be fully automated without the help of any human pilots.

Thoughts of Ashesi D-Lab internal training lead

In an interview with the internal training lead of Ashesi D-Lab, Charles Dzokoto, he revealed that the objective of the D-Lab is to introduce students to the concept of design thinking, moon shot thinking, and how to face the world beyond what they are learning in school.

He added that his passion for his field of operation was ignited during the recent Digital X event he attended in Spain, which gave him the opportunity to meet with nine other architects from Amazon, consultants from Apple, MIT Media Lab, amongst others.

“At the Digital X event in Spain, we deliberated about how we could build movable buildings, buildings with drone foundation, and how drones can make pizza deliveries for us.”

Charles Dzokoto who also doubles as a business administration student of Ashesi University, disclosed that the Beyond Ashesi 4 program comprises of Ashesi’s four courses; business administration, engineering, computer science and management information systems.

Expectations of Charles for Ashesi Students

“Even though I am a business administration student here, my focus is also on robotics, entrepreneurship and technology because that is the direction of our future. My expectations for students here is to be more challenged and proactive into what they are doing, irrespective of how small it is. They have to think about it on a global scale.”

Mr. Dzokoto added that his biggest inspiration has always been the founder of the University.

 “Our founder, Mr. Patrick Awuah, because of the way he does stuffs. Irrespective of the challenges he has, he just redefines the way he does things and that is what I subscribe to. Even if what you are doing is not in the right angle, you have to look at a different angle to achieve the same vision,” said Charles.

By Edward Kyei Frimpong-MyBeepOnline


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