• June 25, 2022

Technology threatens local car washing businesses

There is growing apprehension among car washing operators in the country with the introduction of automated car washing joints.

The fate of operators of the once-booming industry seems to be hanging in the balance as many of their customers are now drifting towards the automated washing space instead of the traditional practice.

A taxi driver by name Johnson in an interview with Joy Business, admitted his preference for the manual way of car washing.

“I can’t use my hand to wash everything and that’s why I spend about 50 cedis a month to wash it.”

Johnson, Taxi driver

With the introduction off car-washing services in the country, many people are gradually changing the trend. Despite the cost involved, many people are now compelled to go the automated way because they don’t have the adequate time to go for the manual washing.

An elderly man who has been in this business for years has pleaded with car owners to keep seeking their manual services which seem less expensive.

“I’m a family man and have been able to use the manual car washing business to purchase a taxi for myself. That has only been my only source of income and so I feel threatened by the use of technology.”

Manual car-washing worker

The next few years will determine how far the automated car washing services will impact drivers in the country.

Edward Kyei Frimpong-Mybeeponline


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